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This page shows some examplary examples of environmental protection and ecology in Dreieich: low energy houses, energetic old building renovation, restoration of natural state, solar installations, the power heat station of the town's department of works ...

National links

Low energy house Kraus hier rechts:
August-Bebel-Straße 46 (Spr)
online info
Low energy house Kraus, Aug.-Bebel-Str.
Energetic old building renovation in Sprendlingen hier links:
Energetic old building renovation
Joinviller Straße 13 (Spr)
(12 cm wall insulation on the outside, 16 cm roof insulation, 16 sqm living room against ground, window k-value 1,2 W/m2K, solar installation 10m2, gas value heater)
to the right:
Photovoltaic installation 1,98 kWp
Baker's Weller, Eisenbahnstraße 13 (Spr)
Photovoltaic installation baker's Weller
Restoration of the natural stream bed of the Hengstbach to the left:
Restoration of the natural stream bed of the Hengstbach
between Spr. and Bu.
Info: Building and environmental department of Dreieich 601-477
hier rechts:
Energyefficient office building
Office R. Winkel, Ringstr. 54 (Drh)
(thermal wall insulation 14-17 cm, gas value heater, solar energy for heating and domestic hot water, etc.)
Bürohaus R. Winkel
Power heat station 775/1300 kWel/th
of the town's department of works GmbH at the indoor swimming pool (Spr)
Info: town's department of works GmbH Dreieich 602-0
Power heat station town's department of works Dreieich


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